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The Rutland Vineyard Six Pack Track

What will you spot?

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We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some wonderful countryside around The Rutland Vineyard. We have designed a kilometre long nature walk around the vineyard for you to explore. Be it a family stroll, a chance to walk your dog or just an opportunity to clear your mind we look forward to welcoming you and look forward to hearing what you'll see throughout the seasons.  

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Come and see and explore around the vineyard with fun fact boards at every stop!

Come and explore!

Here are some friends you may spot...

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Jurassic fossils and dinosaurs

Who knows what lurks under the soils of The Rutland Vineyard? With the Rutland dinosaur found only a few miles away along the same valley why don't you see what you can find?


Hedgehog Corner

In quiet corner we have some very quiet residents!



Found among the wildflowers in the south of the vineyard.


Honey Bees

Our hardest workers in the vineyard!



The hares love the open cropped area around the vineyard. The leverets are hard to spot in early summer but are always somewhere!


Barn Owl

Our night watch officer!

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