Row Post Sponsorship

At the Rutland Vineyard

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Get a named plaque inside the vineyard and a still bottle of English wine of your choice.
A unique present for the hard to buy for!

Drop us an email info@therutlandvineyard.com for more infomation.

Be a part of The Rutland Vineyard with a named plaque.
Sorry. SOLD OUT for 2022. New vines are being planted in 2023.

- Named Plaque
- Bottle of 1st Edition still wine (white, red or rose).
- Priority invites to vineyard functions, including harvest
- Certificate showing where your post is, and the grape variety
-Free hog roast at our vine's party
-Free gift!

Have your name inside The Rutland Vineyard for the 2022 grape growing season.


Choose an end post over-looking the Welland Valley or facing the tasting barn. Then choose your favourite grape variety or pick your lucky number between 1 and 169 (subject to availability)! The sponsorship comes with a gift certificate to mark the adopted row post, along with our 1st Edition English white wine and a letter from The Rutland Vineyard team. The Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc white wine originates from the Crouch Valley, 2019 harvest. It has spent two years maturing in taste ready to drink now!

Sponsorship will also include updates and invites before anyone else to our functions and a chance to be a part of harvest 2022.

Pick a row number from 1 to 169 OR choose your favourite variety type:

Bacchus (rows 1-48)
Pinot Noir sparkling (rows 49-75)

Ortega (rows 76-93)
Pinot Noir Precoce (rows 94-103)
Pinot Meunier (rows 134-150)

Cabaret Noir (rows 151-169)

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£40 to be part of 2022 vintage

The Rutland Vineyard Hattrick
Purchase a tour, sponsor us, and buy our wine twin pack all together to save £10
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