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Vineyard Tours

At the Rutland Vineyard

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A guided walk amongst the vines followed by a chance to sample some fabulous English wines whilst looking over the vineyard! 

A guided walking tour among the vines then back to the tasting barn to sample some amazing English wine whilst over looking the vineyard. What a way to spend a Friday evening!

We had so much fun with the tours in 2023, we really appreciated the positive feedback as well. We can't wait for 2024 tours! These tour will run on Friday nights from May until September 6-8pm. We will be selling these tickets from February.

Have a guided tour around the vineyard and see why we are so excited about our location, soil, vine varieties, fossils and our vision! After a walk among the vines, we will welcome you into the tasting barn to try some wines hosted a WSET host. 

The tours will be hosted by The Rutland Vineyard team who have planned, planted, pruned and tasted the vineyard from day one!

The tickets are non- refundable as we we use a third party booking app and they also charge booking fees and commission which we include in the price. 


From Mid May- September 2024 NOW SOLD OUT

We are really looking forward to showing around the vineyard! There is so much going on in English vineyards at the moment and the end result in the glass is all down to where the grapes are grown! Come and see for yourself!  

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