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Footpath in the frost! Jan 22

The recent frosts have allowed us to bring the big machinery back into the vineyard and carry on making the free to use nature walk around The Rutland Vineyard! We call this our six pack track.

To start with we lifted the soil to remove any soil compaction.

Then we placed a environmentally friendly weed membrane down to stop weeds growing on the path before placing the sustainably produced hard wood chippings down.

The heat from the wood chippings were very hypnotic to watch!

After some levelling we had a VIP open up our path!

Over the next few weeks we’re planting 100 white poplar trees alongside the chippings. This will act as a wind break for the vineyard as well as acting as a nature pathway through the middle of the vineyard for all the wildlife.

We‘ve named the footpath- the six pack track! This is because when you walk it you’ll bump into our six animal residents and their information board. We have hedgehogs, butterflies, honey bees, hares, barn owl and dinosaurs all located throughout the vineyard.

Sunset on 14th January 2022.


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